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I have FINALLY gotten around to organizing my studio! When I stay “studio,” I really mean the office nook in my apartment, but hey, you've got to start somewhere! After months of papers, brushes, paintings and just plain old stuff everywhere, I feel like it’s an actual workspace and it has made getting things done so much easier! I tend to be more of an organized meets chaos kind of gal, but having this space put together and organized is life changing! It makes me ready to create and gives me a lil' inspiration along the way. 


After a trip to The Container Store and a day of taking everything out and redoing the space, here is the finished product so far! It still has some work to do, but I think it’s coming along justttt fine. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my large sheets of watercolor paper and framed work, but I’ll save that be for another day! 



The Mexican prints on the back wall are one of my favorite things. I bought these handmade placemats in Cabo San Lucas, knowing I was never going to use them as actual placemats, I had them framed right when we got back. Being a color fanatic, I immediately fell is love with their use of color and pop! And it doesn't hurt that they always bring back some fun and wonderful memories from the trip with my family! 




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